Computer System, Network and Information Security Consultants

Our certified team provides a broad range of services in the field of IT and information system security.

EthiSecure - Information security consultants based in Montreal

Meet your security-related objectives and protect your business

Searching for an experienced and CISSP, CISA and GIAC certified IT security consultant in the Montreal area?

Need some guidance and services in order to meet privacy and security compliance levels, in order to pass that big security audit? Wondering how much you need to invest in security-related measures, and how much is “enough security” for you to adequately protect your business and your market share?

Let us help you.

We would typically start by sitting down together with you to discuss your needs and concerns. This would usually followed by an assessment of your overall security posture, after which we would develop with you a reasonable, efficient and cost-effective strategy for securing your computer, network, application, data and overall IT and information system infrastructure.

Then, at your side as your information security consultant, let us handle the rest – letting you maintain focus on your business, while your staff continues to handle their usual roles and responsibilities.

Are you worried about the potential impacts of future zero-day attacks on your business – from vectors such as viruses, phishing attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)?

Concerned about the increasing costs associated with security-related improvements and protecting personal data? Looking for a balanced approach with regards to computer, network, application, data and overall IT and information security?

Let us help you, whether it is in the West Island, in the Montreal metropolitan area, or at points beyond.

An experienced and certified security consultant can provide you with an unbiased assessment of your overall security posture, based on your business needs and objectives, in order to help you determine where improvements may be needed at the architectural, technical, management, process or policy levels.

Then it is up to you to determine whether your staff takes on the improvements themselves, or if you decide to ask your security consultant to step in with a service in order to introduce the necessary improvements.