Risk management

security risk management

Assessing threats to your business can often be an overwhelming task. So is determining levels of risk based on those threats actually materializing. Must the most remote risks be assessed? How to quantify those risks? How to ensure that the most important risks are addressed? What are my levels of vulnerability? And how to handle the security risks that are not at the top of the priority list?

Evaluate real threats, implement sane solutions

Formal risk analysis and risk assessment are considered Best Practice methods of risk management. They are put in place in order to capture an organization’s true exposure to actual threats. They also propose means to avoid, mitigate, transfer, or accept aspects of those risks.

Address threats through risk management

An external security risk assessor can help an organization formalize the analysis, assessment, review and decision-making process addressing business-critical risks to your organization.

  • Define, evaluate and assess security risks;
  • Select courses of action to reduce exposure;
  • Avoid or mitigate threats that exploit risks;
  • Record and gain approval for residual risks.

EthiSecure provides consulting services in the field of computer, network and information security in the West Island, Metropolitan Montreal, and points beyond. We perform risk management roles for organizations. Let us help you with your data privacy and IT security needs.