Internal controls

internal controls

Internal controls are introduced to ensure high adherence levels to defined processes. While automated controls can be relied upon with high levels of confidence, implementations need to be validated and regularly tested to ensure expected functional behaviour. Manual controls can also be very effective, but are more prone to workarounds and deviations, requiring validation and verification cycles of their own to assure consistent process adherence.

An external security consultant is ideally suited to evaluate automated and manual controls, through objective and unbiased assessments of logs, records and other forms of evidence.

  • Automate labour-intensive validation tasks;
  • Ensure consistency in manual processes;
  • Meet certification requirements;
  • Improve adherence to business logic flows.

EthiSecure provides consulting services in the field of computer, network and information security in the West Island, Metropolitan Montreal, and points beyond. We implement and validate internal controls. Let us help you with your data privacy and infosec needs.